Custom Designs
H. Horwitz Co. maintains relationships with designers around the world and manufactures hundreds of mountings as well.
From Contemporary to Estate and Estate Reproductions, y
ou'll choose from hundreds of different custom mounti ngs available in platinum, 18K and 14K gold. Prices start at $100 for wedding bands and $450 for engagement rings.


3k-54a 3p-2234 14xc-26
605-315a Trillians and Aschers 14xc-22 Emerald and Diamond earrings
14x-3055 14xc-15a 605-315
605-331 700-68a 3-3239
20Xc-2 14c-12 Citrine 12e-352
PE-625 605-327.328 13xc-8
ER 251 ER 533 sb ER 589
605-259, 2.29PC
5p-1490 platinum all around pave set bands
605-259, 2.29 PC
two 5p-1490
8XC-2 Hand Engraved diamond/sapphire ring/band
ER 549